Open College Network West Midlands- UCERT. New era… New story…. New goals


UCERT has undertaken promoting and conducting Open College Network West Midlands Certificate in ESOL International English language Certification Examinations for levels B1-C2. Open College Network West Midlands is a modern global Certification Body, with solutions that meet the high demands of the labor market. The certification is guaranteed by UCERT, the largest Certification Body in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Albania. OPEN COLLEGE NETWORK WEST MIDLANDS provides recognised certifications and language qualifications for ASEP examinations and competitions.

The beginning of the new academic year is marked by some particularly exciting changes. For the 2021-2022 academic year we offer an updated pricelist with new and more competitive benefits for our associates. We offer more examination periods, at least eight (8) per year, approximately one every month, as well as more immediate results, almost within a month from the examination date. In addition, we provide all our associates with free use of an e-learning platform (asynchronous) which can be used as supplementary material for levels B2 & C2.

Having spent an academic year full of challenges and obstacles, we were able to respond to the unforeseen circumstances that characterised the previous year by developing a new examination method, the Teleproctoring method, according to which the candidates were- and will continue to be – given the opportunity to sit the examination from the safety of their own home. This examination method complements the existing ones – Paper and Computer Based – so that all candidates’ needs are met.

Taking matters one step further, we offer the TESOL Level 5 certification which is now considered a competitive asset and enhances the CV of every instructor who teaches English as a foreign language.

All in all, DGROUP, through its collaboration with OPEN COLLEGE NETWORK WEST MIDLANDS, continues to grow, evolve and respond dynamically to the needs and requirements that arise. Knowing our goals, we enter a new era, writing history in the field of education.


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