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Certify your knowledge and take the lead in the job market!

By establishing partnerships beyond borders, UCERT has partnered with the British Awarding Body, OPEN COLLEGE NETWORK WEST MIDLANDS, recognized by Ofqual.

UCERT has undertaken the promotion and conduction of the English language certificate examinations by Open College Network West Midlands Certificate in ESOL International, Levels B1- C2.


Candidates are now given the opportunity to acquire their certification through remotely supervised examinations (TELEPROCTORING), which can take place at any possible location.


This application is regarded as a supporting material for the B2 and C2 Level Open College Network West Midlands ESOL International certification exams.

It is an asynchronous training tool that can be used in conjunction with face to face courses and simulation tests.
To access, contact one of our partnering language centers.

Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Qualification Number: 603/5112/3

Are you an educator, interested in teaching English abroad? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to set yourselves in an international environment and meet new colleagues, who will get you more acquainted to the sector of English as a foreign or second language.

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8 Examinations per year

We are pleased to announce that D GROUP, having established a productive and rewarding partnership with the British awarding body Open College Network West Midlands, agreed to conduct examinations eight (8) times

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