English Language Examinations with remote supervision

Our era is shaken by the impact of covid-19, but technology is evolving, to facilitate the fields of work and education. So we come to implement the system of English Language Examinations with remote supervision (Teleproctoring), which will benefit all interested parties.

Using this system, examinations can be carried out via computer, anywhere in Greece and abroad. Each candidate will manage to take another step towards their goals, since nothing can prevent them from completing the examination process.

Examination Benefits

  • Candidates’ convenient participation in the examination from any desirable and suitable location (home, office), via computer, for the written and oral examinations.
  • Candidates’ safety, as they do not need to get to an examination centre and congregate with other people.
  • Possibility for people with mobility impairments* and /or people who belong in vulnerable groups to participate in the examinations.
  • Calculating the average of all modules and overall pass mark at 50% at all levels.

Mobility impairments*: people who have difficulty moving their lower limbs.

  • The examination format is identical to that of the written and online examinations, respectively. All 4 skills are included: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.
  • User-friendly examination system/ environment that minimizes the candidate’s stress.
  • Technical support for the examination by experienced staff.

Necessary requirements for participation in the examinations

  • Computer or Laptop with Windows 7 operating system or later (meaning Windows 7, 8.1 , 10 or 11 – not N versions. (Mac not supported) 
  • Stable Internet Connection (no mobile data)
  • Wired Headset (not with Bluetooth connection)
  • Webcam
  • E-mail

In order to register, you can download the application form here and sent it to us, via email, at along with the bank receipt and your identification document.

For any queries you can contact us at the telephone number 210 710 1410.


Description of the Teleproctoring method