Instructions for Candidates

On the day of the Examination, you MUST HAVE with you:

You can also have:

On the day of the Examination, you CANNOT have with you:

Arrival at the Examination Centre

The examination process

Once all the candidates have settled on their appointed seats, the Invigilator distributes the examination material which must remain closed until the Invigilator instructs candidates to open it. The examination material consists of:

The Examination Booklet which contains the Listening questions, the Reading texts and questions, as well as the two Writing Parts.

The Candidate Answer Sheet (OMR) in which the final Listening and Reading answers are marked.

The Writing Booklet for the Writing essays.


You can keep notes on the Examination Booklet, but your final answers should be marked on the Answer Sheet (OMR) in order to be evaluated.

Your writing notes must be made on the appointed planning space of the Writing Booklet. Anything you may write on this space will not affect your mark.