OCN London is a modern global certification body, with services that meet the high standards and demands of the labor market. OCN London provides internationally recognized qualifications, aimed at a wide range of candidates, and is accredited by Ofqual. The organization, while remaining firm in its original objective, provides alternative solutions in the certification and education of adults.

From 1970 to today, OCN London does not stop adapting to the needs of society and evolving alongside the new trends of the labor market.

It is the first certification body in Greece conducting English Certification Exams using Teleproctoring and giving the students the opportunity to be examined from home via Desktop Computer or Laptop.

It now offers modern and interactive English teaching and learning methods.

The Certification bears UCERT’s brand name, the largest Awarding Body in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Albania, which is one of D Group’s subsidiary companies. 

OCN London offers accredited certifications and foreign language qualifications for exams and SUPREME COUNCIL FOR CIVIL PERSONNEL SELECTION (ASEP) competitions.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer innovative services in the Foreign Language Certifications sector both in Greece and in Europe. Thus, contributing to the enrichment of candidates’ professional qualifications needed for their further development, regardless of their current educational and professional profile.

Our mission

UCERT aims to provide knowledge and specialization by the means of collaborations with European Educational Foundations and Certification Bodies in order to offer equal educational opportunities to all Greek and European citizens. 

UCERT is committed to becoming the leading national Awarding Body in Greece, as well as a major European Body in the fields of Certification, Consulting, Education and Training, in professional and higher education levels.